Hoover Canister Vacuum Cleaner, 6.6 kg, Grey - HVHC85P4ME

30.471 OMR

  • Brand : Hoover
hoover power 4 canister has 1800w power output for efficient dust removal. hoover canister vacuum cleaner has a dust bag of 2.2l.the hoover power 4 hc85 p4 me canister vacuum cleaner is the best way to wipe off dirt from floors without putting in much effort. this powerful cleaner has a portable and lightweight design so you can move it around the house comfortably. it uses a single cyclonic technology and hepa filtration, which together grasp and suck a maximum number of small and large debris from floors and carpets. after you are done with cleaning your house, rinse off the dirt collected in the filter of the vacuum cleaner.installed with advanced features for a deep cleanthe hoover power 4 vacuum cleaner lets you remove all kinds of dirt from your house. it runs on a fast, 1800w power output, which along with the cyclonic technology, allows the vacuum cleaner to suck hard and remove debris from the floors and carpets. the hepa filtration system helps in filtering fine dust and particles for a thorough clean in one go. the filter is removable and easy to rinse under running water.portable and compactthis hoover hc85 canister sports a super portable housing with a 4.3kg lightweight for a comfortable carry around the house. it also has wheels that move swiftly and smoothly for a comfortable room to room cleaning. this compact structure of the hoover canister vacuum cleaner also offers convenient storage anywhere in the house. product specifications• 1800 watt• hepa filtration• 2.2l capacity• 6.5m reach• 4.3kg

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