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Korkmaz Fearless Galaxy 7 Piece Rosa Gold Cookware Set - A1358

  • Coating with excellent adhesion on inner and outer surfaces, Extra resistance and rigging against scratching.
  • Environmentally friendly production technology, Easily cleanable, Provides high baking performance even with low heat with high thermal conductivity.
  • Using less oil than other types of pots makes more delicious dishes, Made from recyclable materials.
  • These Pots have a granite-looking PTFE coating with high resistance to scratching and a high heat resistant silicone outer coating that makes delicious food using very little oil.
  • Includes: 7 Pieces
  • Dimensions:
  • Deep Cooker: 20x10,5 cm / 3,0 LT
  • Deep Cooker: 24x12 cm / 5,0 LT
  • Short Cookware: 26x7 cm / 3.5 LT
  • Pan: 26x5 cm / 2.5 LT
More Information
Size Litres 3,5,3.5,2.5
Size Centimeters 20,24,26,26
Material Granite
Brand Korkmaz
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